Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

lt all started back in 1994 with the unveiling of the first Rav4. As soon as it was revealed a tremor started in the car industry and suddenly compact SUVs were the fastest growing segment! Then came the gas-electric hybrid we know as the Prius. Since then, Toyota has sold more than 2.5 million hybrids in the U.S.A alone. Toyota decided to combine those two iconic innovations and the merged result is the New 2016 Rav4 Hybrid. 

This is the seventh hybrid in the Toyota lineup and it is forecasted that it will generate more horsepower and better fuel economy ratings than any of its gas-powered siblings. The Rav4 Hybrid will be offered in six exterior colors and two grades (Limited and XLE), plus all models will be equipped with an All-Wheel-Drive system with intelligence! 

"Before today, owners turned to RAV4 looking for a compact vehicle that was versatile, had great utility and met the demands of their active lifestyles. Now customers can add to the list all the great benefits of a hybrid." 
                                                                    ~Bill Fay, Toyota Motor Sales group Vice President

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