Return your Toyota Lease to Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane

Lease-End Option 3: Return Your Vehicle To Your Toyota Dealership

Not interested in another Toyota? Here at Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane we understand that sometimes you just want to return your lease or explore other brands & different vehicle options. We support your decision and are here to make your lease-end return option enjoyable and painless. Our Professional staff will be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, every step of the way. To top it off, we will be here, ready and waiting, should you ever decide to return and do business with us.

When your lease-end draws near, there are a few things you can expect if you want to return it to us and walk away. You can expect to schedule a pre-inspection that will determine the condition of the vehicle. You can also expect to work with a knowledgeable, Certified Salesman that will help you with the lease return process. To get an idea of how to be prepared before, during and after your return, take a look at the resources we have gathered for you below.


 Examine possible excessive wear and use on your vehicle and make any necessary repairs.

Normal wear is expected and accounted for. However, Excess wear is your responsibility and will result in additional cost to you at the time of your vehicle return. 
Normal Wear: 
  • Small and expected imperfections
  • A few small door dings
  • Minor paint scratches and small rock chips 
  • Tire read worn to no less than 4/32 inches 
*Normal wear does not result in additional charges
Excess Wear: 
  • Abuse, neglect or poor maintenance
  • Damage or physical alteration to the vehicle
  • Use of inferior parts and materials for repairs.

*Excess wear will result in additional charges at turn-in.

Leases come with a pre-set mileage allowance per year. A three year lease at a 12,000 a year allowance should be returned with no more than 36,000 miles on the vehicle. Going over your pre-set mileage allowance will result in overage charges.

 If you think your vehicle may have excessive wear and use, schedule your complimentary inspection appointment 15 to 60 days before your maturity date.

Pre-Inspections help you keep control of your lease by getting rid of any surprise charges on your final bill. Downtown Toyota will work with you to schedule a free and straightforward assessment of your leased vehicles wear & tear, plus it will allow you the time to schedule any necessary repairs with the our Service Department. Benefits of obtaining a pre-inspection include: 
  • Flexible, convenient scheduling at your location of choice
  • No surprise excess wear charges on your final bill
  • Comprehensive assessment of your vehicle wear
  • Opportunity to visit us for repairs before turning in your leased vehicle

 Contact us to schedule a turn-in appointment for your vehicle.

Here at Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane we make it easy to schedule a lease return appointment! You can give us a call at 877-413-5871 or click below to fill out an appointment form. No matter how you reach us, one of our leasing experts will work with you throughout your entire Lease Return Process.


There are a few items you will need to make sure you bring with you to your official lease return appointment. One of our Toyota Certified Salesmen will make sure to record the mileage  

Bring your toolkit and spare tire when you return your lease, if applicableBring all sets of keys including master, valet and remotes, if applicable
Toolkit and spare tire, if applicableAll sets of keys (master/valet/remotes), if applicable
Bring your owners manual when you return your leaseBring any original equipment that came with your lease inception including items like head rests, radio, covers, etc.
Owner's Manuals

Any original equipment at lease inception (cargo cover, 3rd row seats, tonneau cover, headrests, radio, etc.)

After you return your lease, make sure to cancel any electronic payments and satisfy any remaining obligations under your lease. We understand that this is a lot of information to remember so if you would like a hard copy of the official Toyota Lease-End Return list just click the button below and you can print off a PDF version. We look forward to working with you!